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  • The silent cry
    No one can hear her cry , Only walls can hear her cry, But the marks in her body tells everything, But society will blame him for everything, She will never cry in front of anybody, But she is tortured both physically and mentally, Until she is dipressed thinking for suicide, But again no oneContinue reading “The silent cry”
  • Competition
    As a human being we are developing and with this development one more thing is developing that is competition. People forget your own life in completing the whole world, just to become successful. The world is become like a field of race. nobody wants to wait for anyone everyone everyone want to win whether heContinue reading “Competition”
  • Rain
    What is rain, The nature getting life again, Symbol of someone’s pain. Making memories young removing dust again, Tip , Tap , Tip the unsolved word of rain, Oh it is starting of life again. Rain is the magic of nature. Nature give us many inspiration from which one is rain when the drought occursContinue reading “Rain”
  • The rule of world
    We all have saving account and we get some interest in our money when we deposit it in our account. That’s why the same is the rule of world. You will get back same with some extra whether it is bad or good. If you do good for someone you will get back in someContinue reading “The rule of world”
  • Life
    The journey of life is shorter in time But it is longer in difficulties. So live your life clearing difficulties not in spending time.
  • Respect
    We all are related to our society we all want respect from others but many of us hurt others emotion and disrespect them just because of their colour, education and economic status it is all because of that we are pride of our wealth. But we should remember a thing that you get back whatContinue reading “Respect”
  • True beauty
    In today’s world people are judged by their outer appearance. They are judged by their outer appearance people say it beauty. But for me beauty is not definition of someone’s outer appearance it is more than it. Many people judged the nature of a person by its outer appearance but how can we judge abookContinue reading “True beauty”
  • Save humanity save mankind
    Human being and animals both are living beings but human being has feelings and emotions which animals has not so much in comparetive form . Today everywhere there are peoples of different religions in world 🌍 We all praises different types of gods . We all fight that our religion is greatest but what youContinue reading “Save humanity save mankind”
  • Save water save life
    Water is the the source of life it is present in three different forms ice , water , water vapour. We can’t live without water. But how disgusting is this after these importance we waste water. We all know 71% of the total world is covered by water among which only 2%is drinkable. Today weContinue reading “Save water save life”
  • The Journey of life
    When a baby borns it’s life in new world started until this his mother is whole world for her. He came crying in the world with blank hand . Then he grew up and be educated then he take up his responsibilities as many relationship attached with him, the time moved on he became veryContinue reading “The Journey of life”