Social norms of equality

Today our world is progressing, not only in technology but also in social aspect . Today people are understanding that gender doesn’t decide the work they have to do. In india the situation of women’s and girls is quit good than comparison to other countries but it is not the best . There are so many people who doesn’t see boys and girls equally. In many families girls are like burden from which they want to free by just marrying them according them marriage of a girl is the very sacred work in the world why they don’t think about their future is this is right for their girls . In society we all support the gender equality but ask from your inner heart that do you seriously follow this . I can say the answer will be surely no , we all see the sacrifice of our father , that they do so much hard work for making our future but nobody even think that father do the duty of eight hours, but our mother do the duty for 16 to 17 hours or may be more , there uis no weekend in his life. The social norms of equality started from education , financial support,and finish in equal share in property . But what about the feelings equality, a women is said to be recognised by his husband name after his marriage. But there are many men who are very good person in front of society but their wifes know their reality. Equality is not from just the education finance and all . It also matters so much from the thinking equality have any men give his wife identify to introduce herself in the society but for women the society wants to know about his husband. I don’t know when this society will change it will judge girls and boys equally and one day will came when they doesn’t need the identity of a men to introduce himself in society. May be it just be an imagination. But who know will one day this will became real .and when this imagination became real the girls will became equal to boys and that day will be the great day.

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